Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The award was given by Prof. Hamid in a simple ceremony at HUKM during lunch hour. I was not asked to give a speech (lega jugak, of course I won't volunteer myself.. but somehow it will be good if I'm given a chance to say something). I'm given RM1000 boucher to buy any books related to psychiatry. That's great! I love books very much. Prof Hamid said it is the best student award for the first year to third year's overall performance and the department chose me to be the winner. Alhamdulillah.

I am thankful for the presence & the present.
  1. The presence of my lecturers & friends at the event, it is a symbol of their presence throughout my journey as a master student. Of course, those who are not there, they are still in my heart..
  2. The present from Organon, it is very much unexpected and it comes as a surprise!

The 'present' comes in this month when I'm still struggling with my thesis, and I know most of my friends are struggling as well. Because February is just 6 weeks away, and February is associated with deadlines! I mean it, DEADlines! In ECG, a deadline is a flat line when nothing much can be done most of the time. But before the deadline... time like now, multiple events may occur... the ST depression, the arrythmia, SVT or VF.. you name it! The good thing is resuscitation is still possible. Oh, throughout the journey as a master student, I can recall clearly facing times like this - preparing for exams, preparing my protocols & now preparing my thesis. Times when you'll say to yourselves; "Yes, nobody says doing master is easy, but no one ever says it is this hard!"

It is a challenge.. how to study, at the same time to work, to be a good mother, to be a good wife, to manage your home, to care for your parents, to care for your vulnerable patients, and at times to feel vulnerable & incompetent yourself facing your patient's behaviour at work and your kids behaviour at home.. and perhaps your husband's behaviour as well! It is indeed a challenge, but thinking of it positively, in every challenge there is an oppotunity for our own self growth.

Why... because we have no choice, but to learn to be more effective both at home and at work, to have good time management, to improve our communications and to care for our interpersonal relationships, avoiding unnecessary conflicts, we have to grow ourselves. And Alhamdulillah, learning psychiatry itself is also learning about self growth!

Of course, having mentioned all those, the award means so much to me. It is not possible without the guidance from all my lecturers and specialists both in HUKM & HKL, the gift of friendships from all my friends, my best friend Salwa & my other study group friends Vincent & Aida - in particular. It is not possible without the support & sacrifice from my husband, my kids & my family.

Because Salwa, Vincent & Aida were not around, I have sms them to say my 'thank you' and appreciation. Salwa called me back, that's very thoughtful of her. I'll surely belanja all of you.

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e-Permaisuri said...


Congratulations on REMERON award! That's why i said youre' the greatest sister that i have. Don't forget to belanja me as well ya..heh heh..

Where's the comment column? i cannot find it or maybe i'm not IT at all la.. but i'll try my best to create my own blog.

Or it's okey, I can make a comment here.. i give 4 stars for the blog.(I never give full marks, esp to my students.. but 99% is as best as 100% and 4 stars is as best as 5 stars. I like it so much and i want to make one for myself.

Now i know what happen to you ..for sth you may not inform me directly... eg; the remeron award. So that we can keep in touch even without informing....

Ok sis, keep on a good work. GOOD LUCK!!

Your sister,
the dot dot dot ....... (AIN SHOULD BE THANKFUL I PUT DOT DOT HERE)
(he he he... just teringat zaman dulu-dulu.. tp bukan nama glamour tau!!)